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Web Development

From corporate brochures, to bleeding edge multimedia, iZmedia provides all of the expertise and experience to bring your netvision to life. iZmedia's staff have years of in depth, on site, know-how combined with a wide scope and clear vision. When you enlist iZmedia, you can be sure that you are receiving the best bang for the buck available.


As the Internet matures into a full fledged global marketplace, businesses -large and small - are faced with the task of setting up enterprise level retail spaces online. A dizzying amount of choices are available to merchants of all sizes, and price ranges. From real-time credit card authorization, to membership subscription systems, iZmedia has the knowledge, and experience to take your online business to the global marketplace.

Music Promotion

MP3 has finally made the dream of online music distribution a reality, and it's popularity continues to climb. As portable digital audio players and personal CD burners become more prevalent, producers and bands alike are being presented with an exciting new marketplace full of possibilities. From Internet based promotional campaigns, to full digital distribution and sales, iZmedia provides everything you need to take advantage of this digital revolution. Our work has been featured in Keyboard Magazine & other international publications.

Internet Marketing

You've built your site, you've stocked your shelves, now what? Now you need customers, and iZmedia can provide the skills and man power needed to keep your site on top in search engines and portal sites. As search engine techniques, and traffic flows are constantly changing, a knowledgeable, diligent team is required to keep your online properties visited, and profitable.

Other Digital Services

iZmedia also provides a wide range of digitally based services. From audio & video production & compression, to database & infosystem development. Contact us with your specific project specifications for a quote.

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